Your Regional Voice


Charlotte Douglas International Airport:

  1. The CRLA worked with the ground transportation department to increase black car parking spaces.
  2. The CRLA was invited to round table with Jerry Orr when the airport announced the building of a new parking deck and will be invited back as progress is made.

City of Charlotte / Passenger Vehicle for Hire Department:

  1. The CRLA worked with the City of Charlotte to obtain 8 pickup and drop off locations in the uptown area.
  2. The CRLA got involved when the City of Charlotte attempted to cite Limousine operators for not having prearranged reservations with individual hotel guests and was able to maintain the hotel contracts and relationships.
  3. With the end of the Lincoln Towncar, companies were experimenting with substandard vehicles. The CRLA felt it was important to maintain a professional image for our industry; so the board started working with the Passenger Vehicle for Hire department of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department to establish an approved vehicle list.
  4. When the Charlotte city council tried to place rate controls on the industry, the CRLA was successful in educating the members on the negative fallout and the impact on the industry and therefore was able to blocking the vote.
  5. In Uptown Charlotte there is an area known for its nightlife called the EpiCentre. The loading and unloading zone was previously controlled by EpiCentre ownership that had set up valet parking and in turn attempted to control the entire block. The CRLA went to battle on behalf of our members and other car companies alike. In the end, the City of Charlotte created an “EpiCentre Zone” which is controlled by the city. This solution protected the rights of all types of transportation working in and around the area.
  6. The CRLA convinced the city to rethink an ordinance that would have prevented chauffeurs that live just across the boarder in South Carolina from being permitted to operate a For Hire Vehicle or work for a black car service based and permitted in Charlotte, North Carolina. This rule, if enacted, would have hurt many operators in Charlotte that have chauffeurs living just over the state line
  7. The largest single achievement of the CRLA was the 2011 successful reinstatement of the “Ten Year Rule” governing the allowable age limit of vehicles For-Hire operating in the City of Charlotte. The City Council changed the ordinance to limit the age of a vehicle to six (6) years. This change, would have negatively affected the one and two car operators in Charlotte the most and if left in place would have cost some operators their livelihood.

Democratic National Convention (DNC) 2012:

  1. Prior to the DNC in Charlotte the CRLA Board of Directors met with Jerry Orr (Aviation Director / Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport) to redesign the layout of parking and traffic flow pertaining to “For Hire” vehicles during the event. The CRLA was instrumental in obtaining 52 additional parking spots in the deck for use during the DNC. Several location changes in the airports proposed plan for the staging of motor coaches, mini buses, and stretched limousines were noted by members of the CRLA Board and therefore amended before the DNC. This feedback from our industry added to the over-all success of the transportation provided during the DNC.
  2. The CRLA met with city managers on a couple of occasions to discuss preparations for the DNC to include temporary permits. The CRLA ultimately hired an attorney to show the city manager’s office why the temporary permits were needed and how they should be governed. In the end we were allowed to apply for and purchase temporary permits for during the DNC. The additional permits allowed Charlotte permitted companies to bring in outside companies from within and outside the state of North Carolina to assist with national contracts. Due to the CRLA’s involvement, our industry as a whole made over $2 million in revenue during the DNC.